Create Business Continuity Plan

We can help your business or organization create a comprehensive business continuity plan. This is a complex process that we make inclusive and simple. Having a Continuity of Business Plan (COOP) with ensure that you can continue providing your essential functions in the required time.


We offer consultation on any subject regarding business continuity. From providing guidance for kicking-off a continuity plan to giving useful advice if you are stuck on a required area for your plan. We can also offer reoccurring meetings/guidance to keep you on-track while you are completing your continuity plan project. We have a great perspective on continuity planning and can identify topics that you may want to focus on, specific to your organization. Whatever your needs, we are here to help!

Emergency Planning

We can provide consultation service for your business' emergency planning needs. Following the Incident Command System (ICS) for critical incidents can be daunting. Your business may not need something as complex as ICS. Your business should know what is required for a critical incident using the ICS model. When an emergency strikes, your plan needs to be simple so it can be implemented with ease. Crisis brings stress, and a simple, soundly implemented, tested, revised and updated emergency policy will help provide guidance for a successful outcome.

Test & Evaluate

We can provide helpful and constructive testing for your plan. Information identified through practical training or or tabletop exercises, will benefit your organization's plan and personnel. The intent is not to point out flaws, rather to identify areas for improvement. A properly conducted exercise will significantly improve your new or existing continuity plan. This should be done annually at a minimum for proper maintenance and updating.

Review Plan & Provide Feedback

If your business already has an existing continuity plan (in whatever stage of completeness) we can conduct a review. After the review, we would provide your organization with constructive feedback and possible suggestions for completing or improvement. Our goal is to make your business prevail in any incident! Truly, you cannot conduct a business continuity analysis without first having a plan or at minimum knowing your business' specific essential functions.