About Jason Travis

Jason specializes in emergency response and preparedness. He has successfully lead numerous high stress and critical emergency incidents. Jason has also created numerous emergency policies and continuity plans.

Served with United States Marine Corps.

Over 17 years experience as Law Enforcement Officer.

Created numerous emergency response and continuity plans.

Provided training regarding emergency response and business continuity plans.

Conducted and participated in numerous practical training ops and tabletop exercises.

Field Training Instructor

Defensive Tactics Instructor

Senior Ground Defense Instructor

Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor

Law Enforcement General Topics Instructor

Officer Survival in Low Light Condition Instructor

S.O.R.T. Instructor (Special Operations Response Team)

Patrol Rifle

Beslan School Siege

Public Speaking 101

Jail Evacuation Course

Basic & Advanced Sniper

Use of Force Investigations

Hostage Rescue Team School

Leadership Fairfax: Class of 2012

Sandy Hook After Action Seminar

Activity Based Intelligence - Intro Course

User Experience (UX) Design for Software

Preparing for Pandemic Influenza Seminar

Sheriff's Emergency Response Team (S.E.R.T.)

The Bulletproof Mind: Mental Preparation for Combat

Initial Law Enforcement Response to Suicide Bombing Attacks

Improvised Explosive Device Awareness and Response for Patrol

Threat Management, Work Place Violence and Crisis Management

FEMA - NIMS/ICS and Continuity of Operations (COOP) Certifications

Tactical Team Commanders Response for Weapons of Mass Destruction


Incident Command System 100, 200, 300, 400, 700 and 701 certifications

Created Various Plans

Developed numerous emergency and business continuity plans. These plan have been tested and implemented.

Relevant Experience

Experience with: IT Systems, Isolation & Quarantine, Pandemic Preparedness, Evacuations, WMD/VBIED/PBIED, Etc...

Training Exercises

Instructed: COOP, critical incident planning and briefing, emergency response, etc. Conducted a variety of tabletop exercise and performed after-action/debriefs.

Commanded Incidents

Practical experience leading numerous successful high stress/complex critical emergency incidents as a first responder.

Preparedness Minded

Dedicated entire career learning, training, preparing, applying, planning and developing extensive and comprehensive plans for emergency response.

Gorinso’s Mission
“Enabling your business to continue doing what it does best.”

Gorinso’s Vision
“Our vision is to grow and provide business continuity plans and assistance to as many business as possible, globally. We will accomplish this by applying best practices and through constant revision and improvement in our services.
Every business/organization offers a service or product that customers rely upon. These functions must be continued without interruption. This is where we help!
This is our passion and fulfillment”

Simplify – Make the complex easy to use and understand.
Bonds – Create strong relationships with our partners.
Service – Be professional, approachable, tactful and curious, yet remain candid.
Beneficial – Provide highly valuable services and products to our partners.
Adaptive – Remain open, flexible and supportive.
Partnership – Achieve goals through thorough understanding and collaboration.
Share – Maintain an all inclusive approach. You will know as much as we know.
Surpass – Exceed all of the expectations and goals that our partners set.
Pride – Develop a superior product and offer services that would make our partners proud to recommend.