Failing to Plan...

In this day and age, if you own a business or run an organization, then it is vulnerable. Threats come in many forms and it doesn't take long before another geographical area is significantly and negatively impacted. Access to your critical business functions could be completely halted.

...Planning to Fail

Nearly 80% of small business owners do not reopen their doors after a disaster has affected their area of business.  However, businesses that prepared and implemented a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) were 90% successful in reopening their business immediately after a disaster.

Unprepared = Cost

Business Continuity costs can be debilitating: $200 billion for damages caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, including the disruption to businesses because of destruction of facilities and displaced employees.

All Hazards Plan

You need a comprehensive plan that can address the concerns for:
-Natural & Man-Made Disasters
-Domestic Terrorism
-Cyber Threats
-Work Stoppages
-Physical Plan Structure Issues
-Workplace Violence / Active Shooter Incidents
-Civil Disturbance (Riots)

Of Business Owners That Do Not Have A Business Continuity Plan In Place.
Rated Their Organization's Ability To Recover Their Operation In The Event Of A Disaster As FAIR Or POOR.

Simple Plan Creation & Implementation


Trillion Damage (USD) Impact Disasters 2000-2012


Billion People Affected By Disaster 2000-2012


Businesses Do Not Reopen After Disaster

18.5 Hrs

Average Time To Recover After Disaster